As a landscape design & build organization, Agroscapes provides unique insight, experience, and understanding of landscaping and exterior site enhancements. Our team of professionals create intelligent designs, which minimize disruption to your business, and maximize visual impact at your site. Whether simple rejuvenation of your existing landscape, or complete site makeovers, Agroscapes has the skill and experience to get the job done right, and on budget.

Our enhancement services include:



Accents offer a beautiful way to showcase elements of your property and landscape. Create mood and style with a customized accent including landscapes, hardscapes, and even waterscapes. Accents provide an eye-catching centerpiece for your property or project.


Hide/Fix Problems

Many properties contain unsightly elements, such as utility meters, well heads, and other items which can destroy the serene appearance of the property. Agroscapes offers a variety of solutions which hide, or fix particular problems or eye soars. Our Hide/Fix Problems services provides a unique and creative way to turn your current problem into a beautiful display.


Upgrades & Updates

Over time, any landscape can suffer from elements, such as wind, weather and natural debris, creating unsightly and unhealthy conditions for plant life. Proper care and maintenance of your landscape can ensure the most visually pleasing and healthy environment for the plant life living within you landscape. Additionally, the introduction of new plants can add beauty and nutrients to the soil, giving the entire landscape a more vibrant and appealing appearance.

At Agroscapes, we've mastered the art of landscaping. We have the knowledge, experience, and insight to provide top notch landscaping services, which include upgrades and updates to your current landscape. We work with our clients to develop maintenance plans and method which ensure a bright, beautiful, and healthy landscape for years to come.


Patios & Pavers

Patios and Pavers are a popular way to accent items within your landscape, signs, highlights, and focal points of interest around your building. Agroscapes offers a variety of patios, pavers and hardscapes which add visual appeal, and functionality to your workplace.

One of the great things about pavers is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. This gives you many different options for your design. The designers at Agroscapes can design a paver area you have always dreamed about. How is it done...

Once a design has been selected, excavation can begin; an area for your project will be staked out. Sod will be removed using a sod cutter to create the initial shape. Typically we dig down seven inches. This is to allow for a four-inch base, a layer of sand, and the pavers. Slopes are also considered for proper drainage.

Next is the compaction of the base material. Crushed limestone is typically used. A compactor is used to compact each layer for an optimum base. The edge restraints and sand layer is then added.

Setting of the pavers is a timely and accurate task that our landscape crew prides themselves in. Extra care is taken to ensure the utmost beauty. A compactor is run over the pavers. This starts the process of locking everything in place. The compactor is pressing the pavers down, evening out the tops of the pavers, and forcing some of the sand up into joints from underneath. Next we fill the joints with sand from above. And this is what makes a patio incredibly strong.

After your paver project is complete you have the option to seal the pavers. Sealing will bring out the colors of the pavers and protect them from stain, but you will have to reseal them every few years.

Accent driveways, courtyards, or parking lots with a custom-designed hardscape solution to add curbside appeal to your place of business.


Annual Flower Displays

Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in one season. Annual flowers can be the burst of color and personality that will enhance the landscape of your business. Flowering trees and shrubs provide short bursts of color while most annuals begin blooming within a month of planting and flower until frost. There is a wide range of colors, sizes and species adapted to either sun or shade makes it possible to plant annual flowers almost anywhere.

Using annual flowers in a well-designed landscape will play an important role in adding color and character. Annuals require higher levels of both maintenance and water, so plant annual beds in areas near water sources. Planting annuals randomly throughout the landscape increases maintenance and lessens the plants' aesthetic impact. Always be aware of surrounding or backdrop colors to achieve a coordinated overall design. The best way to set off annual flower colors and textures is to provide a simple backdrop of green vegetation.

Annuals are a wonderful way to draw attention to your building, or to provide visitors with a nice visual and fragrant experience. The style of annual bed should be compatible with the overall style of your landscape design. Before planting, the physical characteristics of the site must be evaluated. Consider the site's soil type, drainage and sun exposure. An annual plant adapted to site conditions grows and flowers more vigorously and has fewer pest problems. Trust our designer to suggest the colors and textures that will enhance your landscape.


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